• Sherri Petterez-Marriott

Modern Calligraphy Practice Sheet

Are you interested in the art of hand-lettering? Making words appear beautiful has become a popular hobby, especially within the DIY community. Modern calligraphy is a modern take on the classic, traditional, dip pen art form and is used mainly for fun, decorative, script on mugs, t-shirts, wood-working signs and more. It's easy to learn because you don't have to write in a straight line. I created a fun practice sheet for you to try out. Simply print the practice sheet, grab a colored marker or brush pen, and follow the arrows towards the direction they are pointing. Similar to traditional calligraphy, apply pressure on your down-strokes for a thicker line and release the pressure on the up-strokes for a fine, thinner line. Here's a quick video as an example.

Click the link below to download this fun FREE practice sheet and stay tuned for more coming down the pipeline. Have fun!

I Love You Modern Practice
Download PDF • 175KB

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